Brass Candle Holder Series

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Quake PoLite - A series of candle holders based on stones found on the shores of the Salish Sea. Each design can stand alone or form an ensemble of natural inspiration.

PoLite offers a play on the luminescent Canadian mineral scapolite and the art of engaged conversation!

"Whatever your ritual, share the light".

Care & Maintenance: To remove wax, simply place under hot water an slough off. 

Colour: Two colours -  Light Brass and Dark Bronze, Variations in colour differs in browsers and real life.

Size/Dimensions: size is the maximum and approximate. 

Small "Pebble" : 5" X 5" X 4.5" H

Medium "Stone": 8" X 4.5" X 7.5" H

Large "Rock": 8" X 6" X 10.5" H

Handmade in BC, inspired by the Pacific Northwest,